Quality Reconditioning Services

If you want to save thousands a year on Fusion and P2 spray gun parts contact us. Our custom reconditioned parts are much more reliable than in house reconditioning saving time and improving the quality of your final product. We fix mix chambers and side seals. Call us 7 days a week even after hours. Everyone we refurbish is at least $100 bill in savings.


We specialize in reconditioning mix chambers for Fusion and P2 spray guns. This includes scratch removal, interior reaming, and drill bit removal. We use a precision grinding machine capable of removing scratches as small as a 10,000 of an inch. Every chamber is cleaned and restored parallel to each side. We guarantee each of our services to original operating parameters.

We also remove broken drill bits from mix chambers by non-heat methods. Extreme heat accelerates corrosion and softens the surface, greatly reducing the life of the mix chamber. Every mix chamber is made from hardened 304 stainless steel. The heat from propane torches is over 1600 degrees F and destroys those properties.

Why We Are Different

Most spray foam companies either throw out scratched chambers, or try to fix with sand paper. This is an unnecessary waste, considering new chambers are around $160 each, and reconditioning is usually only $35. Utilizing sandpaper will eventually cause a multitude of problems, such as the sides becoming unparrallel to each other, which can cause leaks and inconsistent product .

The insides of chambers also become scratched from drill bits and the massive volumes of foam that pass through the chamber. This results in an abnormal spray pattern. This is fixed by reaming the insides of the chamber.